Shakira, Shakira.


Shakira, Shakira.

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Here, have some Friesians.

Can I keep them?

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The American Kiger Mustang

The Kiger mustang herd was discovered in Oregon in 1977. During a BLM round up someone noticed a group of horses with similar colors and markings. DNA testing of this herd showed that these hoses had closer relation to the Spanish horses brought to america than other mustang herds in the U.S. In order to preserve this breed of mustang this particular herd was split in half between Riddle Mountian and Kiger, the Kiger mustangs because of lack of outside influence form other horse breeds creates horses consistent in color, temperament, and body shape.

A Kiger mustang named Donner Inspired the main character in Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

Kiger mustangs are primarily different shades of Dun with primitive markings such as leg and dorsal stripes however Bay, Chestnut, Black, and Grey horses exist within the breed as well. Currently the Kiger herd is reported to have only one Black and One Grey horse left with the rest being Dun or Grulla.

Kiger mustangs since their discovery have become very desirable among breeders with the most popular color bred being Grulla. Kiger mustangs have managed to keep the gentle, agile and intelligent characteristics of its Spanish ancestors with the sure-footedness and hardiness of a feral horse, and have been used for pleasure riding as well as any other situation where athleticism is needed.

Because of the Popularity and small numbers of the breed, the BLM has to allow a roundup of horses once every three years with the adopters paying a flat rate to a lottery system and then an open bidding process.

More about how adoption works:

More about the breed:

The Kiger mustang association of america:

Popular Kiger Breeders:

2011 Kiger mustang gather:

Kiger mustang at Expo:

Kiger mustang Dressage:


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So I drive by this house every day on my way to work and it is definitely the Skeleton War HQ

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if youre down or sad tonight, watch this seal complain about going into the water and in general be a big baby

I legit don’t think I’ve laughed out loud in over a week, and now I can’t stop


literally me going to work

When my mother started doing physical therapy after her operation (several months ago) I sent her this video.  Her exercises usually make her cry, so I sit in the room and make the reluctant Weddell seal noises for her.  She says this helps.

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Dilation and constriction of these organelles, called chromatophores, are responsible for the squid’s ability to change color.

Inside Nature’s Giants: The Giant Squid (2010)

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Camelids: Museum of Osteology, Oklahoma City

There are three genera of camelids: Camelus, Llama, and Vicugna. Camelus are an Old World animal while the other two are found in the New World. The only camelid species not represented here is the vicuña. 

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